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Our Mission

Forest of the Fallen is a silent display. 

Set up and then left to work its intention on all who are open to witness and interact with it; It is not a protest, it is not a database. It is solely a platform where we share only cv19 injection deaths and injuries that I have personally found, only where stories have been publicly shared and published on multiple sources. Some have been personally shared to me, but the majority are not.

The Forest has no need for any marketing, advertising or spruiking! It propagates alone and speaks for itself entirely.

The Forest is a stand alone display and Is NOT AT ALL affiliated with any other movement, group, religion or political party and must NOT be used to promote any other business or entity that are not in alignment with its original purpose.

As an initiative, I intend for us to work in unity, together to help spread the most important message to all. We must gently alert all we can, that this information is being censored.  We are not offering medical advice.

The Forest comes purely from a place of compassion for all. All forms of conflict must be avoided at all times.

The Forest displays the public domain stories of cv19 “vaccinated” people.  As they are all vaccinated, it is literally, actually a completely vaccinated display, and should NEVER be referred to as an ‘anti-vax’ display.

updated 18.12.2023

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